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Leave Behind An Electronic Last Will And Testament

The majority of people don't take the time to create a last Will and Testament, leaving their survivors to guess about their wishes, creating confusion and additional sadness and even fighting while trying to second-guess the deceased’s preferences. After is now the #1 Last Will and Testament app on the market which prevents the hassle of having relatives make the difficult choices for their arrangement by sharing their last wishes automatically with them at the appropriate time. The revolutionary new app is designed to make the transferring of last wishes, shared memories, feelings, insights, and even regrets shared seamlessly with loved ones before they pass away.

  • Express how you would like to see your funeral
  • Leave information about things which need to be arranged
  • Leave special messages for your friends and family
  • Let your relatives know what items you would like to give to specific persons
  • ** Disclaimer: After is not a replacement or addition to a will or statutory rights and obligations. The information in After only serves as information transfer to relatives and no right can be derived from this. It must be trusted that the received information is respected by specified “trustees” **

Simple, automatic and secure

How do we handle your thoughts and messages?

  • Store your thoughts

    We will store your texts, pictures and videos on our systems

  • Keep it safe

    We will keep your thoughts and messages top secret till the day you die (we use AES encryption)

  • Help with what to write down

    We give advice on what information to leave for your relatives

  • Distribute at the right time

    We will send your thoughts and messages to your trustees when you pass away

How does it work?

Download the “AFTER” app

First, download the “AFTER” app from the Apple App store.

Set up your account

Once downloaded, you’ll set up an account and fill in your details.

Enter 3 designated trustees

Now enter at least 3 designated trustees to whom we will distribute the Will document if the time is there

Select the category

Next, on the Dashboard, you can find 4 chapters ranging from funeral arrangements, things to be arranged, personal messages and belongings. Press it to add wishes in the specific chapter.

Write your last wishes, messages, thoughts

Just tap the “plus” icon on the bottom right to write and store the information for each category. Each category contains different scenarios. You can choose the best that matches your situation.

Add multimedia to express your emotions

For each of the category, you can enter your messages along with a photo or video, just save it and that’s it! Your information is stored and will be accessed by the designated trustees only when the time is right.

All your last wishes and shared memories saved easily

Upgrade for unlimited saved messages

  • Free version

    2 saved messages per chapter

    $ -
    • Storage of your texts, photos and videos
    • Distribute to trustees after you pass away
    • Keep all your messages securely stored
    • Unlimited messages

See what After looks like

Everything you need to store your thoughts

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