For the last few years, the number of individuals searching for personalized funeral ideas has increased, leading them to make such choices that are based on different values compared to those from previous generations. So with that, more and more people are aiming to plan their funeral or memorial services that are unique enough to reflect their style, preferences, interests, passion, and even their personality.

Amidst the grief and emotion, your loved ones may not really have the time or energy to plan a memorial service that perfectly honors you in a unique and personal manner, so leaving important notes and information that detail your likes and preferences for that time would be really helpful. Since this is the age of progressing technology, devices such as smartphones are always on hand, so making use of an app such as After for noting down details of how you want your memorial service and funeral to be like would be really helpful.

Unique Memorial Services
If you are the type who wants a unique memorial service, there are actually numerous ideas that you can select from, giving you a more personalized setup for your funeral once that time comes.

Use What You Love
Think about all the things that you love or enjoy doing that makes you really happy: are you someone who loves running? Do you enjoy any activity that relates to water? Are you the type of person who loves comics or animation? All of these things may work as great inspirations for a unique memorial service since you can customize certain things for your Celebration of Life.

Some unique examples would be the following:

If you love surfing, swimming, etc., you can opt to have your memorial service right on water.

When you want something solemn, relaxing, and very pleasant, you can opt for a floating lantern service that would be great during the evenings. You can also have your family and friends’ sentiments written on these lanterns to make the day even more special and memorable.

Memorial Releases
Memorial releases are becoming more common nowadays especially when you want your loved ones to memorialize your Celebration of Life that is different from traditional memorial and funeral services. There are different types of memorial releases that you can choose from such as the butterfly release, balloon release, the dove release, and the lantern release – all working as great additions for your Life Celebration that will also help your loved ones say their goodbyes in a very meaningful and memorable way.

Make Photo Displays
If you want your loved ones to see all the memorable photos you had with them, you can opt for a funeral with beautiful visual elements to share your life story with photos. Choose to have enlarging images for displays, a memorial table filled with a lot of your photos and important items, an artistic clothespin-styled imageboard, or a hand-crafted collage to make these visuals more personalized.

Themed Life Celebration

Going for the traditional funeral can be emotionally draining; so if you want things to be more memorable and inspiring, you can go for a themed life celebration instead. If you are someone who enjoys sports, you can have your friends and loved ones wear things that are related to your favorite sports team such as jerseys, fan gear, and the like. Have decorations that relate to the theme such as sports memorabilias or posters of your favorite player to exhibit what you enjoy since it will definitely make your loved ones remember you in a unique way.

To some, your requests may be a bit overwhelming since loved ones will be in charge of what you want and have requested for your memorial service. Fortunately, After can definitely help your loved ones fulfill your requests since this will automatically share your last wishes with them.

Launching in December 21st, After is a revolutionary application that is created specifically to make sharing of your last wishes, feelings, shared memories, and insights easier with loved ones at the right time. So as soon as now, start making your list with After to have a seamless and memorable Life Celebration in the future.