For some families, pets are part of the bunch and are considered very important members of the family, hence, why they are also called their ‘children’ by some. If you are one of these individuals who consider their cats, dogs, bunnies, parrots and other furry friends a part of the family, it is best to consider them when preparing your Last Will and Testament.

You know that once the time comes, a lot of confusion will accompany your loved ones and it is highly possible that your furry family members may be overlooked during the situation. There are instances when pets are left alone in the deceased’s home a few days after the tragedy – lonely and even without food or water to drink.

So to prevent this from happening, here are a few things that you should consider when making your Last Will and Testament for your pets.

– Have at least two responsible loved ones or good friends who are willing to take in, or who agree to be the temporary caregivers of your pets when something unexpected happens. Make a list of how to feed or care for them, the name of their veterinarian, and other pertinent details that will make it easier for your loved ones to care for your furry family members.

– It’s a good idea to let loved ones and friends know how many pets you have, as well as the names and contact details of those who agreed to serve as caregivers. List these so caregivers know how to communicate with each other regarding your pets.

– You can organize a trust when creating your will for the benefit of your pets. You can have a close friend, relative, or even a veterinarian act as your trustee of a testamentary trust. This is a trust that is established in your will, and you will need to provide enough funds in this to cover your pets’ needs for the remainder of his or her lifetime.

After and How it Helps

Creating a will can be quite costly which is most likely why other individuals haven’t made their own yet. However, it would still be great to make a list of important things for your pet, in case something happens and you pass.

After is the best Last Will and Testament app available on the market which can help your loved ones and friends with your pet once the time comes. Here, you will be able to leave pertinent information about all the things you need to be arranged or followed for your pet, and you can also provide remarks as to who can care for your furry friend. After will be available in the app store this December 21, 2017, so get ready and download After so your last wishes will always be up-to-date.