There are a lot of people who are opting for cremation since it is not only flexible but is also very affordable. Cremation can be integrated into a classic funeral, a creatively unique Celebration of Life, or a more personal memorial service; there are generally a lot of options to choose from which is why a lot of families consider cremation as their main choice instead.

The loss of a family member can leave a void that can’t be filled but with memorial services and with ceremonies such as ash scattering, the healing of each individual can start. Ash scattering is usually a private occasion for the family yet it does not really necessarily have to be this way. Whether it’s small or big, the ceremony can be anything and everything you wish it to be: you can have your favorite music playing in the background, have your favorite people read prayers, or you can have loved ones take turns sharing fun and great memories about you.

Here are some interesting ash scattering options that you can choose to have for that time:

Fly with the Wind
For something extremely unique, you can have your ashes released in the stratosphere and this will travel all over the world for months; it will then return to Earth as the core in raindrops or snowflakes. It may be a little grandiose but this will definitely be something that everyone will surely remember.

Floating Serenely
Have your ashes floating in the calm, serene water by making use of a water-soluble urn that will float for some time before submerging below the surface. With this type of urn, it will also allow your ashes to biodegrade naturally in the process.

Going with the Water Flow
If you are someone who is into various water activities or watersports, you can have your loved ones go to your favorite spot along the river, lake, or even the ocean and have them release your ashes right into the water; you can also have your loved ones scatter the petals of your favorite flowers right at the same time. This will allow your loved ones to visually follow your ashes while it flows along with the current.

Diamonds and Art
These methods aren’t really part of scattering ashes but are considered as creative and interesting ways for your ashes to be immortalized forever. Ashes can be turned into diamonds that are man-made, or if you and your loved ones are open to new and unique ideas, you can also have your ashes added into glass sculpture weights, combined into tattoo ink for a special memorial body art, or even mixed into paint for a personalized portrait.

Final Thoughts about Scattering Ashes

When planning a scattering ceremony, it is vital for everyone to know where to properly do this. Unless the ashes will be scattered on your own area or land, you will need to ask for permission in the city or county you live in. If you want to have your ash scattering ceremony in a private area or land, you will also need to consult the landowner first before setting up for the ceremony.

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