What is the goal of After?

When someone passes away, relatives always face a difficult time. A lot of people don’t have a formal Last Will and Testament and don’t talk about what happens when they are not there anymore. After tries to help people to transfer their Last Wishes to their relatives when they are not there anymore. Just to prevent relatives for having to make difficult choices or to put a lot of effort dealing with administrative activities.

What happens with the information I save?

All texts, photos and videos you save will be centrally stored in our datacenters. The data will be encrypted (AES), which means that no one else can view your data. Not even employees of After can see what you have written down. It is your information and it will only be shared with your trustees when it is time.

Does it replace an official Last Will and Testament?

No. After makes it easier to transfer information about your last wishes. It is no replacement for an official Last Will and Testament. It does not exceed statutory rights of any kind. It only helps sending information to your trustees. It is up to them to decide what to do with this information.

Can After access phone numbers and email addresses?

After can see email names and email addresses. Phone numbers are encrypted and will only be shared to the trustees.

Why do I need to give email addresses and phone numbers of Trustees and Recipients?

We want to make life as easy as possible for your relatives. So once we send out the document with last wishes, we also send them the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the trustees and recipients to be able to contact them.

Who can access my data?

Only you. And when you pass away, we will send it out to your trustees. Employees of After don’t have access to your information. The data is encrypted, with the widely known EAS standard (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Encryption_Standard),  so unreadable for everyone but you.

What information should I store and what shouldn’t I store in After?

After is build to help in transferring information. To make things easier for the ones left behind. It is like writing a letter, but than in a modern way.

After is not a formal Testament and Last Will. It is based on trust that your relatives will respect your wishes.

In After you can write down all types of wishes, things to be arranged and messages you want to leave behind. Within the app, when adding a card, there is given a list with all types of items you can think of you could or should write down.

Things you shouldn’t write down:

Things which are arranged by law or in a formal testament for example:

  • guardianship of children
  • high value possessions like houses
  • distribution of money

Things which are very sensitive and should be stored in a save or something similar:

  • passcodes for financial products (bank cards, internet banking etc)
  • passwords for web accounts (there are special applications for this e.g. Lastpass)
  • etc.


When will my information be shared?

When you set up an account with After you are asked to register at least 3 trustees. These trustees will receive an email with information about After. It is smart to talk with your trustees about this. In this email there is a button. In the event you would pass away, the recipient can press the button in this email to report your passing. When at least two trustees have reported your passing, a document is sent to all trustees with your last wishes.

Is it safe?

We do all we can to keep your data safe. We encrypt all your data with widely accepted encryption standards (AES). We don’t have the key to open this encryption. Only you have. So not even the employees of After can access the Last Will and Testament data you store.

But software is never 100% secure. So always think about what you store online and what you should store somewhere else.

What things should I store in After?

This can be anything you want the ones left behind to know. We try to help in this by having a big list of prefilled items ready in the app. When adding a new card click on the icon next to type. You will find many prefilled items per section.

What do the Trustees receive?

When you sign up, the trustees will receive an explanation email. This will explain what After is, why you signed up and what they can do in the unfortunate event.

When you pass away, and two or more trustees have pressed the button in the email your documents are released. The trustees will receive a link to a website and a password. On the website all wishes, information and pictures are shown in the same manner as in the app. You can see how it looks by going to the menu in the app and click on the preview menu.

What do recipients receive?

Recipients don’t know about your use of After. Only trustees do. Recipients won’t receive any emails or other information.

What are recipients?

Recipients are people you want to address wishes or information to. You link your wish to a specific person. In that case the trustee knows who to contact to fulfill your wish.