Even in this day and age, there are still a large number of individuals who do not have a formal last Will and Testament. There may be numerous reasons as to why they haven’t created one yet, but the most common one would be that people think that it isn’t necessary, especially for those who are single, unmarried, and below the age of forty.

Yet it really does not matter what stage of adulthood you’re in, it is necessary for you to create your last Will and Testament and here are the main reasons why:

To make the tough times slightly less difficult for the ones left behind
To ensure that all your wishes are known and respected

Another reason is to avoid leaving your loved ones and friends guessing what your wishes and requests are. This could create a lot of confusion and it may even bring arguments or more sadness while your loved ones are attempting to second-guess your preferences and last wishes.

After App
Now, you can quickly and easily create your last Will and Testament with the help of your smartphone and After. It is the number 1 Will and Testament app available in the market which lets you seamlessly transfer messages, requests, information, and wishes to let relatives and friends have an idea of what you want after you pass.

The goal of After is to help you easily transfer your Last Wishes to loved ones when the time comes to prevent them from having to make difficult choices or putting a lot of worries with administrative activities during the last few moments.

Benefits of After
This amazing app is created to make transferring your requests, feelings, insights, shared memories, as well as last wishes to loved ones so they will be able to seamlessly handle and focus on your requests when the time comes. With After, you will be able to express how you want your funeral to be, you can let your loved ones know which items you’d want to give to specific individuals, to leave important information about where you have subscriptions and bank accounts, and if you have pets, you can also state who will care for them. Plus, you can also leave important information about the things that need to be focused on and arranged while also leaving special messages for your family and friends.

After and the official Last Will and Testament

Although After does note your last will, wishes, and requests, remember that it still does not replace an official Last Will and Testament. The app is created to easily transfer important information regarding your last wishes and requests so it is definitely not a replacement nor does it exceed any type of statutory rights.

Data Access
If you were wondering who can access your data on After, only you can do so; when the time comes, that is when your information will be sent out to your trustees. All your information will be kept safe since it is encrypted.

After is a very efficient and convenient app that is easy to use especially when storing all your important and necessary details. Download After yourself and start storing all your requests, wishes, memories, and more to make things easier for your loved ones when that time comes. With After, your last wishes are always up to date. After will be available for download on Dec. 21st 2017.